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A pregnant woman places her trust in medical professionals through some of the most critical phases of human life: prenatal care, labor and delivery. She and her family rightfully expect that doctors, nurses, hospitals and other responsible health care professionals will adhere to accepted standards of care. The stakes are high: a healthy baby has a head start toward a long, healthy life. A child that suffers a birth injury, however, may face a lifetime of disability and disadvantage.

If you have reason to believe that your baby was injured before, during or immediately after birth, possibly because of a mistake on the part of your obstetrician or caregivers, you are well advised to discuss the matter with a lawyer with experience handling medical malpractice cases, including birth injuries. Your child may suffer from cerebral palsy or disability resulting from shoulder dystocia because of a doctor’s error such as the following:

  • Failure to properly diagnose risk factors during pregnancy
  • Failure to monitor the fetus during labor
  • Failure to perform a C-section in time to prevent or correct lack of oxygen going to the fetus during
  • Failure to employ well-known maneuvers during delivery designed to prevent shoulder dystocia

Your child may require special medical treatments, therapy, special education and/or adaptive equipment as a result of a health care provider’s error. You owe it to your baby or child to explore every avenue of help and hope — including the possibility of legal action.

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