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Even when an injury or wrongful death is in fact caused by a true accident, a victim’s life and a family’s life may be turned upside down. When an accidental injury or fatality is the result of negligence, it often becomes necessary for the injured person to hold that the negligent person or organization responsible for their negligence.

The victim of an accident will usually require compensation for their medical bills, their lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In the case of a fatal accident, surviving dependent spouses and children will need to replace the income that the deceased person previously brought to the family.

An experienced, attentive, zealous personal injury lawyer is a valuable asset to injury victims and their families. Mr. Foulke welcomes the opportunity to personally evaluate your personal injury matter and recommend the most beneficial course of action as you seek compensation for your injuries.

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Civil litigation provides a way to legally seek compensation for harmed by others’ negligent acts such as the following:

  • Traffic violations
  • Negligent security or maintenance by property owners
  • Failure to repair broken sidewalks in front of a retail business
  • Negligent safety procedures in food processing
  • Inadequate product testing or fraudulent marketing practices

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