Traumatic Brain Injuries

New York Attorney Representing Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

Even a concussion or a “mild” head injury can result in immediate and long-term consequences for the victim. A person with a more serious head injury may be unable to continue with work, school or family responsibilities for a long time. Often, emergency room treatment, follow-up medical care, rehabilitation and therapy result in large medical expenses.

Even after the initial crisis phase is over and the victim appears to be “back to normal,” life may never be the same again. The injured person often experiences lingering effects such as difficulty concentrating, mood swings, personality changes and social dysfunction.

A victim with a truly traumatic head injury (TBI), on the other hand, may suffer even worse harm including loss of body functions and, sometimes, a lengthy to permanent comatose condition. The traumatic brain injury victim may require lifelong personal care and assistance.

Whether you or your family member suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and whether it happened yesterday or last year, you are urged to discuss your situation with an experienced head injury lawyer. Attorney Evan Foulkeknows the law, knows how insurance companies handle these cases, and knows how to advocate effectively on behalf of personal injury victims.

Contact the Foulke Law Firm to discuss your car accident, slip and fall accident or construction accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury (TBI), your long-term prognosis, your financial needs and your legal rights. Call or e-mail the law offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Attorney Foulke handles traumatic brain injury cases on a contingency basis. No attorneys’ fees are due until and unless you collect compensation from negligent parties and/or insurers.

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