Wrongful Termination

New York Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Employment in New York and elsewhere is generally considered to be “at will.” Employees have the right to quit, and employers have the right to let employees go for the sake of profitability of a business, for example. Employers are not allowed to discharge employees for illegal reasons including the following:

  • Employment discrimination based on age, sex, race or religion
  • Employment discrimination based on veteran or military service status
  • Wrongful discharge in retaliation for an employee’s reporting of sexual harassment
  • Wrongful discharge in retaliation for an employee’s legal whistleblowing reporting of illegal activities at the workplace
  • Wrongful discharge in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act after a workplace injury results in long-term disability
  • Wrongful discharge in violation of an explicit employment contract that you and your employer entered into

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